Why Choose the TS Ensemble?

  • 35 years of experience and reputation for excellence in the wedding entertainment industry.
  • The musicians you hire are the musicians at your wedding, we do not use substitutes or 'ringers'.
  • Our vast repertoire spans from Sinatra to today's top hits.
  • If we don't play it, we'll learn it special for you. Download our Song List (PDF)
  • Our Continuous Package keeps the music playing throughout your entire reception.
  • All our satisfied clients!
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Booking and Pricing:

At Your Event:

Your Wedding - A One in a Lifetime Event:

We coordinate all formalities with the Banquet Manager, Photographer & Videographer

How do I find out if the band is available for my event?

A simple phone call to Al Santoro (518-456-0099), or email us to inquire about date availability.


How do I guarantee my date?

We book all of our engagements on a first come first serve basis.  A signed contract and deposit returned to us is your guarantee.


Why are some bands so much more expensive?

The T.S. Ensemble while priced lower than some of the bands in the area takes pride in being one of the best bands in upstate New York with nearly 20 years of experience. 

- Some bands in the industry charge agent fee’s .  They also have expensive sound and light costs that are passed on to you the customer.  The TS ENSEMBLE  takes great pride in keeping our costs down because we do not charge for lights and sound and never charge a agent fee.  We purposely keep our price affordable to accommodate all types of functions.


What items determine the price I pay for my event?

The base price the T.S. Ensemble charges for events varies for different types of events (Weddings, Corporate Parties. Etc….) there is a additional fee for ceremony music, special cocktail music, or an event longer than 4 hours.


Is the CD provided to you the same musicians that will attend your Wedding or event?

The T.S. Ensemble provides you with a CD that is the same sound and musicians that you will hear at your function. It is always good to experience your band live before booking.


Will the band that you hire learn additional songs that you request?

The TS Ensemble will learn special songs requested by you.  We would appreciate 2 months notice.  All new songs to be learned must have sheet music and a CD provided to us.  


Last-minute details

The week of your wedding/function reception, we will contact you to review the information you have given us on your Information Sheet.  At this time we can discuss any last-minute details or changes. However, we encourage you to contact us at any time prior to this regarding any thoughts, ideas or questions you have for your special event.


What if I need to change the time of my reception/event?

Small changes usually present no problem, and we can in most cases accommodate requests. However, a major time or date change may not be possible due to another booking later that day. To avoid potential conflicts, we suggest that you confirm the starting times of all aspects of your event with all parties involved before returning your signed contract to us. Please remember once your contract has been signed, ANY CHANGES TO THE CONTRACT MUST BE IN WRITING


Optional Overtime

Standard engagements are four hours in duration with most banquet facilities booking their rooms in five-hour blocks of time. Overtime for your event/reception may be available depending on the availability of the banquet facility. Please feel free to check with us should this be a consideration. 


Optional Musical offerings

The musicians of the T.S. Ensemble are versatile and experienced from ceremony to cocktail hour classical to Jazz.  We offer something for everyone.


What time does the band arrive for setup at the function?

The T.S Ensemble is always in place before your guests are admitted to the room.  Setup begins one and a half hours prior to the event, unless alternate arrangements have been made.


Does the band that you hire have the personality to handle the master of ceremonies at your function?

In coordination with the banquet manager, The T.S. Ensemble performs the role of Master of Ceremonies.  Beginning with the Introductions we keep the flow of your special event moving forward from one moment to the next.  We ask that you fill out an Event Information Sheet.  This provides us with names and details specific to your event.  This enables us to customize your event to suit you.

Please return the Event Information Sheet with your contract, but no later than 8 weeks prior to your wedding reception


Who selects the selections for our event?

Our extensive song list (provided with our information packet and updated online monthly) is your guide to you song selection.  We invite you to highlight songs of importance to you and to also cross out those that are not desired. 


Before Dinner

The T.S. Ensemble performs light music from the beginning of the reception until the main course is served. Often, and with the coordination of the banquet manager, we perform a short 15 to 20 minute dance set just prior to the main entree. This creates excitement and gets the party "up." Once the main course is served, we typically break for dinner and provide recorded music using our integrated D.J. system.


Do we have to provide dinner for the band?

We would greatly appreciate this as we rarely have the opportunity to eat due to travel and set-up time


How many breaks does the band take?

We take great pride and make every effort to take our breaks at the “right time” during your event.  Typically, the first break occurs when the main entrée.  Generally, we take one additional short break unless your event dictates otherwise.  (i.e. Presentation of Viennese table, guest speakers, etc…)


How does the T.S. Ensemble dress?

The T.S. Ensemble unless directed otherwise, always wear classic, sharp tuxedos, with the female vocalist smartly dressed in evening apparel


Do we DJ through intermissions?

YES!  The T.S. Ensemble carries 800 CD's to every function.  We like to keep our crowd up and moving on our break.



This is our newly offered optional package.  Our Band and DJ are on stage throughout the evening.  There are two separate setups.  The Band and DJ will alternate throughout the evening playing a wide range of music for all ages.  Check with us for pricing on this package.


Is it OK for a guest to sit in?

The T.S. Ensemble takes great pride in creating a family atmosphere at our functions. Musicians are welcomed to sit in but we do ask you to make arrangements before the function.


The First Dance

We encourage you to choose any song you wish for your first dance,  if it is not in our current repertoire The T.S. Ensemble can learn it with the previously mentioned lead-time. This is a special dance for the bride and groom.  If you desire, the wedding party, parents and/or guests are invited to join in.  The choice is yours.


Parent Dances

Parent dances are done just before the cutting of the cake sometime after dinner has finished. Customarily the father-daughter dance is followed by the mother-son dance or they may be done together. There are many popular song choices. 


The Cake Cutting

This tradition is coordinated with the banquet manager and photographer and works best sometime in the middle of the set following dinner. We perform soft background music or, should you prefer, we can play music of your choice.  The master of ceremonies will guide the Bride and Groom through this formality.


Garter and Bouquet Toss

If you elect to have this formality, the timing will be coordinated with Bride and Groom ahead of time through the planning stages of the reception.


Ceremonial Music Services

String Quartet

Piccolo Trumpet

Vocals and Flute

Cocktail Music Services

The T.S. Jazz Trio - Saxophone, piano and upright bass perform jazz standards.

Jazz Piano - Creates the perfect atmosphere for cocktail hour

Fabulous Job

Jul 02 2013

I want to thank you guys so much for the fabulous job that was done at our wedding on May 31st. We could not have asked for anything more, you guys really rocked the house!! I cannot tell you how many people came up to me to say how great you played and how much they enjoyed dancing to your music. You kept everyone happy with music from today for the younger crowd and some oldies but goodies for the older crowd. You knew exactly how to lead into the different events including the toasts and speeches, dinner, cutting of the cake, bouquet and garter toss, etc. We could not thank you enough for that perfect night! Can’t wait to come and see another TSE performance very soon.

Thanks again,

Megan & Dustin

You gave what you promised!

Jul 02 2013

You gave what you promised!

Outstanding & Very Professional, thank you for a job well done. All 160 plus people had a fantastic time. High energy from start to finish, we can’t say enough good things. Hope we see a clip on you tube from Nuvue cinema, the video guys.


Bob & Karen

You guys were absolutely amazing

Nov 25 2012

Eric and I just got back from our honeymoon on Sunday and are now finally settled in, so I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for playing at our wedding. You guys were absolutely amazing and made our wedding so much fun! All of the guests couldn’t stop raving about how awesome the band was, so we really can’t thank you enough. For those that have heard you before, they kept saying how you’re always amazing without fail and can adapt to any crowd. For those who had the pleasure of hearing you for the first time, they kept saying that they’ve never heard such a good band at a wedding before. You guys were so great!!

Thank you, also, for allowing my brother to sing. That meant so much to us and it made his day, so we appreciate that as well.

Once we get our photos from Casey Connell, we’ll be sure to tag you on Facebook as well as write a review. We will also continue to spread the word to anyone we know that you’re the best band in the capital district.

Thanks again!!

Meaghan and Eric

“Song And Dance Gala”

Sep 16 2012

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication this year towards the Song And Dance Gala. Another amazing year and another wonderful experience with the TS Ensemble! I loved the bigger stage this year, it was fun dancing up on the stage with the band! We will be again next year!  I must say it is wonderful working with such a professional act, knowing that I don’t have to worry about a thing because you will always do an amazing job! Please express my gratitude to your entire band. Thank you and I am looking forward to working with you.

Dancingly yours, Michele Riggi

“A Big Shout Out”

May 10 2012

A big shout out to Al and members of the TS Ensemble Band…THANK YOU!!! You guys rocked for my wedding reception at Glen Sanders Mansion on Sunday, May 6. If anyone out there is thinking about a band for their wedding….think no more! This is the group you want. Everyone said you guys were awesome and they loved the music selection. Great job guys….thank you so much!

Augie Corsi



“You Guys Were Special”

May 10 2012

Dear Al & TS Ensemble

Thank you for a great night, great tunes and a very special atmosphere during our wedding on November 12

You guys were very very special.


“We Figured you were from NYC”

Jan 04 2012

“We had a FABULOUS time! Everyone continues to rant and rave about you guys – people couldn’t believe you were from the capital region, figured you were from NYC! Thanks so much”

Brittany and Kevin

“Really Fantastic!”

Jun 06 2011

Thank you so, so much for everything. Nearly every guest commented to us or my parents to say how awesome you guys were! Really it was fantastic and we were so impressed with everything. Thanks again!
Kristen & Mike

“We Really Did Have the Time of Our Life”

May 16 2011

AWESOME WEDDING GUYS! THANKS SO MUCH!! we really did have the time or our life!!! you rocked the house 🙂 Love Mike & Jenny

“You are, indeed, Upstate’s Premier Band!”

Feb 18 2011

Linda and I were surprised and delighted to receive the TSE CD – We have been playing it nightly since we got it and as some of songs and tunes were ones you did at the TASTE OF COMPASSION benefit for the NE Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, it is a SUPER reminder of a really special and fun event – Your band brought JOY to the people there and now we get to relive your music it again and again. Thank You!

You bet we’d LOVE to be on your mailing list -please do include us – Can’t wait to hear Terry belt out the next one – she and the band compliment each other, love every section, Drums, Brass, everything!

You are, indeed, Upstate’s Premier Band!

Thanks again for your help to the NE Lukemia and Lymphoma Society and we’ll see you at one of your events soon.

Dan and Linda

‘Rave Reviews’

Oct 26 2010

Al, Thank you for creating a great atmosphere for our wedding. Nicole and I enjoyed ourselves immensely, and I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from our guests. Great job.
Please extend our thanks to the band. We really appreciate all the work that went into the event.

‘Couldn’t Be Happier’

Sep 26 2010

Thanks Al – We couldn’t be happier with TSE!  You were awesome!

All the best,
Kyle and Laura

“Awesome Job”

Aug 02 2010

Al, Thanks you so much. You guys did an awesome job this weekend! Alainna and I are both thrilled with the way things turned out.

All our best to you and the band! Thanks again,

Carl and Alainna

“Everyone LOVED TSE!”

Jul 18 2010

Hi Al! Thanks to TS Ensemble, everyone had a FANTASTIC time!  We can’t thank you enough for your professionalism and for helping to make our wedding the BEST PARTY we’ve been to in a long time!!!!  Geneva is a small town and word certainly spreads quickly!  Everyone LOVED TSE and are still raving about the variety of music you played.  We have been handing out your contact information left and right!  Thanks again … we really appreciate TSE and all the talent & hard work you brought to our wedding to make it a truly memorable & FUN evening!!!! You’re ALL incredible!


“Great Job, Well Done”

Jun 24 2010

Hi Al, Before too much time passes I must thank you again for such a wonderful reception.  So many people commented about how great the band was and Tricia and I certainly agree.  Tara and Dylan had the best time of their lives and TS Ensemble was a big part of that.  I have to say that I don’t think the performances you have on your web site do you justice on how versatile you are and how much fun you create.  I think we had a good group of people but you sure led the way.

I have a special thanks to offer also for my personal request of That Sunday  That Summer.  You performed it well and Terri did the introduction perfectly.  Tricia was quite surprised and very pleased.  I got some good ‘points’ for that.   Kim Feeney (from the Top of the World) also commented about how great you were …. and she told me all her servers (kids in their 20’s) were saying how good a wedding band you were.   Top of the World is a Townhouse community which is located 1/2 mile or so (at its closest) to the clubhouse/restaurant building.  I saw one of the homeowners that I know last night and he said he heard the music so he and his wife came over to listen and enjoy the music.  He wanted to ‘crash’ the party but his wife won’t let him.  They thought you were great also.

All in all quite a success.  If you ever need to give a prospective bride /groom a reference source feel free to give them my name and number.  I think Kim Feeney will be giving out your name as well.  Great job …. well done for Tara and Dylan.  My wife and I thank you all.  Please give our thanks and appreciation to all of your group.

Good luck ……   Dennis and Tricia

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